Product Designer



I'm a Product Designer at Facebook in Seattle, working on design tools to help bridging the gap between designers and non-designers in the organization.

Previously, I was at Ring, leading the design system for a 13-member product design team along with framework engineers. The manifesto, Ring Design System (RDS), was built for our product design, marketing, iOS, Android, macOS and Web development teams to build features and products with velocity and scalability.

Prior to working on the design system, I helped launch the Floodlight Cam, Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Elite, Spotlight Cam Wired, Battery, Mount and Solar with the core mobile app team. My work ranged from UX, UI, IdX, prototype to marketing design for the features such as Live and Recorded Videos, Motion and Light settings and Setup Flows.

I love building a collaborative design system, bridging the gap between design and engineering, and cultivating a product process that can divide, conquer and triumph business challenges. I'm adept at collecting product requirements from stakeholders, iterating adaptive solutions with product managers, and producing pixel-perfect deliverables with engineers.

Previously, I've contributed marketing and product design at small and big companies - ServiceTitan, 12Twenty, and more.

Outside the pixel world, I like watching movies with the subtitle, taking photos of the Mother Nature and screaming "Go Hawks!"

I'm currently unavailable for work, but if you want to talk about the atoms and molecules of design systems or the future of design tools over coffee and geek out, find me on Twitter & Spectrum!